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Sleeze Beez's 'Look Like Hell': A Nostalgic Resurgence of Glam Metal

With the release of "Look Like Hell," Sleeze Beez reaffirms their stronghold in the glam metal genre, continuing to wave the banner for an era when hard rock was synonymous with exuberance and extravagance.

This latest offering by the Dutch outfit, distributed by the Bad Reputation label in April 2023, is a veritable time capsule that transports listeners back to the genre’s golden years.

"Look Like Hell" pays homage to Sleeze Beez's peak years, channeling the spirit that first brought them international acclaim with "Screwed Blued & Tattooed."

The album is imbued with the same robust guitar riffs, unapologetically catchy hooks, and fist-pumping choruses that once crowned them as icons within the hair metal scene. It’s as if the band has distilled the essence of their heyday and presented it anew for both longstanding fans and a new generation.

Tracks within the album are a testament to Sleeze Beez’s dedication to the genre, each song reflecting the quintessential flamboyance of the 1980s with a slightly modern polish. The band does not shy away from their roots, instead, they embrace it fully, delivering track after track of headbanging anthems that refuse to compromise on the raw, driving energy that is characteristic of their sound.

In an age where musical landscapes are ever-shifting, "Look Like Hell" stands as a bastion of the enduring appeal of glam metal. The album shows that Sleeze Beez has not lost their touch, expertly balancing the fine line between nostalgia and contemporary relevance. The group’s follow-up efforts post-"Powertool" may not have maintained the commercial momentum due to the rise of grunge, but this album signals a confident return to form.

"Look Like Hell" is not just an album; it's a celebration of a genre that Sleeze Beez has helped define. It is a raucous, unrelenting reminder of why glam metal, with all its pomp and swagger, continues to capture the imaginations of those who crave their rock served with attitude and amplification. This record is a potent reminder that Sleeze Beez still has the ability to make the audience look—and listen—with unabated attention.


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