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Soom T Unleashes a Tour De Force with "The Louder The Better"

On October 13, 2023, the indomitable Soom T returns with her sixth studio album, "The Louder The Better," a project that further cements her position as a potent force in the reggae, dub, and hip-hop scenes. Known for her rapid-fire vocal delivery and deeply rooted activism, Soom T—real name Sumati Bhardwaj—proffers a collection of tracks that melds influences from her Glasgow upbringing and Indian heritage, all the while tapping into an eclectic mix of genres.

Entirely self-produced under her own label, Renegade Masters, with Kunta serving as executive producer, the album represents a sonic evolution for Soom T.

The project incorporates contributions from an array of collaborators like Tom Fire and Dr. Bud, infusing the tracks with elements ranging from roots reggae to contemporary digital styles. Whether it's the heartfelt lyrics of "Path of the Wanderer" or the sunny pop sensibilities of "Good Will Come," each composition offers a unique auditory experience.

Notable standouts include the pulsating "Ezekiel's Vision" and "Michael," tracks that were recorded live at Pangea Studios in Sao Paolo, Brazil. With an undulating rhythm and lush instrumentation, they reflect the international flair that permeates this album. Yet, Soom T also touches on pressing societal issues, most notably with "Free the Man," a direct call against the incarceration of businessman and politician Schaeffer Cox. This track serves as a quintessential example of how she uses her artistry to amplify her activism.

The production techniques are equally noteworthy. Utilizing a blend of live instrumentation and digital elements, the album navigates between organic and synthetic textures seamlessly. Additional synth work by Kunta and Green Teddy enriches tracks like "Bad Road" and "Emergency," offering an intricate layering that complements Soom T's compelling vocals.

If you're in search of an album that refuses to adhere strictly to genre norms and takes you on a musical odyssey, "The Louder The Better" is a must-listen. It's a project that reveals the depths of Soom T's artistry, from her uncanny ability to craft infectious melodies to her commitment to social justice. In a world teeming with uncertainty, Soom T's latest offering serves as a beacon, guiding us toward a brighter, more conscious future.


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