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Soulful Serenades: Corinne Bailey Rae Enchants at The Vogel

Photo: Jared Miller

Corinne Bailey Rae, the enchanting British singer-songwriter, has captivated audiences worldwide with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics since her debut in the mid-2000s. Born in Leeds, England, Rae's journey from performing in local clubs to achieving international acclaim is a testament to her undeniable talent and emotional depth. Known for hits like "Put Your Records On" and "Like a Star," Rae's music seamlessly blends soul, jazz, and R&B influences, creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

On June 20, 2024, Rae brought her spellbinding presence to The Vogel, Count Basie Center for the Arts. The venue, with its intimate ambiance and superb acoustics, provided the perfect setting for a night of soulful melodies and poignant storytelling.

The evening began with "A Spell, A Prayer," immediately drawing the audience into Rae’s world of introspective beauty. Her voice, warm and inviting, set the tone for what would be a deeply emotional and musically rich performance. The transition into "Been to The Moon" felt seamless, its dreamy atmosphere enveloping the crowd. "Closer" and "Breathless (Is This Love?)" followed, each song showcasing Rae's ability to convey complex emotions with effortless grace. Her band, tight and dynamic, provided the perfect backdrop to her evocative vocals. The chemistry between Rae and her musicians was palpable, adding an extra layer of depth to the performance.

"Till it Happens" brought a reflective mood to the set, its lyrics touching on themes of love and loss. The audience was visibly moved, many swaying gently to the song's soulful rhythm. "New York Transit Queen" and "He Will Follow (Red Horse)" maintained this intimate vibe, with Rae’s voice shining through every note.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly "Put it Down Earthlings," a newer track that combined Rae’s signature soulful sound with a modern twist. The crowd responded enthusiastically, the song’s infectious groove and powerful lyrics resonating deeply. "Green" and "Trouble Sleeping" kept the energy high, their familiar melodies eliciting cheers and applause from the audience.

Photos: Jared Miller

As the night drew to a close, "Put Your Records On" and "Like a Star" provided a powerful finale. "Put Your Records On" showcased Rae’s dynamic range and emotional intensity, while "Like a Star" brought the concert to a poignant and uplifting end. The audience, enraptured throughout the performance, erupted into applause, calling for an encore.

Corinne Bailey Rae’s performance at The Vogel, Count Basie Center for the Arts, was nothing short of magical. Her ability to connect with the audience through her music and presence is a rare gift, and she wielded it effortlessly. The setlist, a perfect blend of old favorites and new gems, highlighted her versatility and enduring appeal. It was a night of soulful beauty and heartfelt connection, a reminder of why Corinne Bailey Rae continues to be one of the most beloved and respected artists in contemporary music.



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