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TESTAMENT Announce Newly Added Chicago Showon Co-Headlining Tour with KREATORKlash Of The Titans 2024 with Special Guests POSSESSED

Set Celebrates the Forthcoming Remastered Reissues of the Landmark First Two Albums:

The Legacy and The New Order

"Get ready North America. We are looking forward to a co-headline tour with our Thrash master friends Kreator. This is gonna be a madhouse of a show with our Bay Area homies Possessed opening the show so get there early. Testament will be performing an old-school set celebrating the re-release of The Legacy and The New Order." - TESTAMENT

Chuck Billy explains "Our goal with remastering The Legacy and The New Order was to make them breathe. Mixing and mastering is much different today than it was 37 years ago. We pulled back a lot of the effects we’d put on the tracks back in the day and made it all really powerful, solid, and loud. It’s amazing how much it all opened up. We’re excited to get our remastered first two albums to our fans because they sound like how they probably always should have sounded. It was our first time in the studio back then, after all.

We put those first four records out in four years. We were just relentless with writing, recording, and touring. That’s what really established us as artists. And we’ve gotten better over the years as performers. We’re focused. The number one thing that matters to us is the show, not the party. We’re giving it 100 percent every night.

At Milwaukee Metal Fest I asked the crowd who’d seen us in the late eighties and only a few hands went up. So we’re doing this for the old school fans, the people who never had a chance to hear all of these songs live before, and the new generation. We’ll hit them hard with The Legacy and The New Order, thrashing away."

Newest member, young gun drummer Chris Dovas adds "Testament is a band I grew up listening to so it’s important to me to stay true to the Testament sound. It’s been so cool to play songs from the first two albums live. I’ve tried to do them justice, staying true to how they were recorded, while adding little extra bits. Like a few parts where Eric is doing some chugging, I’ll match it with double bass. Little things like that. They are classic records so I stay true to the parts while also imagining what I might have done a little differently in those sessions."

KREATOR comments, "We’re very proud to bring a second edition of the Klash Of The Titans to North America! This time with the Bay area beasts, Testament and one of my favorite bands in the world, Possessed. From start to finish, this is metal madness and we can’t wait to deliver our biggest shows to date over there!"

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