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The Evolution of The Damned: A Retrospective Review

The Damned stand as pivotal figures in the British rock panorama, having laid down the framework for punk rock since their inception in London in 1976. With the release of "New Rose," they blazed trails as one of the inaugural acts of the genre, setting the stage for a storied career.

Their seminal work, "Damned Damned Damned," has been immortalized as a cornerstone in punk's rich history.

As the band transitioned through eras, their sonic landscape broadened, embracing the dark allure of gothic rock.

This evolution was marked by standout albums such as "The Black Album" and "Strawberries," showcasing the versatility and depth of their musical prowess. Though the lineup saw various changes, foundational members Dave Vanian, Brian James, Captain Sensible, and Rat Scabies were instrumental in carving out the band's legacy.

Renowned for their electrifying performances, The Damned's tenacity within the music industry is noteworthy. Despite the adversities of multiple hiatuses and reconfigurations, they continued to produce an impressive catalog that traced their journey from raw punk beginnings to a refined gothic and alternative rock-infused sound.

Their influence extends beyond their modest commercial victories, with a devoted following and a discernible impact on subsequent generations in both punk and goth milieus.

The reissue of "The Best Of The Damned," originally curated by Ace in 1981, is a testament to the band's enduring legacy. This compilation encapsulates key singles such as 'Love Song', 'Smash It Up', and 'I Just Can't Be Happy Today'—tracks that not only define The Damned's career but also chronicle their musical evolution from punk stalwarts to chart-topping melodic pop artisans.

In reverence to their history, the reissue preserves the integrity of the original album, enriching it solely with insightful liner notes from Ian Shirley that chronicle The Damned's journey from "New Rose" to this definitive collection. This album, an emblematic snapshot of The Damned's influence and creativity, remains an untouched classic, its impact undiminished by time.

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