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Thrash Metal Titans EVILDEAD Gear Up to Unleash 'Toxic Grace' on the World


The realm of thrash metal is buzzing with anticipation as American thrash metal stalwarts EVILDEAD gear up for their latest sonic assault with the announcement of their new album 'Toxic Grace,' slated for release on May 24, 2024, under the banner of Steamhammer/SPV. This marks the band's much-awaited follow-up to their 2020 comeback album 'United States Of Anarchy,' a release that not only thrilled their long-standing fanbase but also garnered critical acclaim.

In the four years since their last opus, the world has seen its fair share of changes, but EVILDEAD has remained unwavering, steadfastly honing their craft. Their upcoming album 'Toxic Grace' promises to be a testament to their evolving yet unfaltering style, showcasing a blend of old-school thrash vigor with nuanced sonic explorations.

Fans eager for a taste of the new material won't have to wait much longer, as the band plans to drop two singles, "Raising Fresh Hell" and "Subjugated Souls," complete with lyric videos ahead of the album's release. These tracks serve as a definitive statement of the band's enduring dynamism and relentless energy.

Adding to the excitement, the album's captivating cover artwork comes courtesy of Dan Goldsworthy, known for his work with bands like Haken, Accept, Corpsegrinder, and Alestorm. This visual piece sets the stage for the auditory journey that 'Toxic Grace' embodies.

Frontman Phil Flores describes the album as a diverse sonic journey that spans from doom to melodic metal, all while anchoring in EVILDEAD's signature thrash metal roots. Guitarist Juan Garcia, who also lends his talents to Body Count, highlights the meticulous effort put into crafting the new songs, emphasizing powerful arrangements over mere speed. "Reverie," one of his favorite tracks, exemplifies this focus on quality and intensity.

Bassist Karlos Medina and drummer Rob Alaniz shared their enthusiasm for the new album, noting the influence of their recent European tour on the album's energy and the collaborative spirit that fueled its creation. The band's collective efforts have culminated in a tracklist that promises to deliver a series of heavy-hitting anthems, from "F.A.F.O." to the bonus track "The Death & Resurrection Show 2024."

Produced and mixed by industry veterans Dave Casey and Rob Hill, with mastering by Dave Roman at 4130 Mastering, 'Toxic Grace' is poised to make a significant impact upon its release. With this album, EVILDEAD not only reaffirms their place in the thrash metal pantheon but also signals their continued evolution and relentless drive, ensuring that their legacy endures as they deliver yet another powerful addition to their discography.


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