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Unleashing Melodic Fury: TOOTH's Rise in the Seville Metal Scene

Tooth band, Progressive metal, Groove metal, Metal core, Melodic death metal

In the vibrant city of Seville, Spain, emerges TOOTH, a band formerly known as UNLABELED SOCIETY, with its roots deeply entrenched in the progressive metal scene. Founded by the multi-talented José Arincón (Pepe), the group also comprises Kris Mayo's dynamic vocals, Nacho Sánchez's steadfast bass, and the youthful prowess of Samuel Vázquez on drums. TOOTH, which began as a side project in 2008, evolved into a full-fledged band by 2020, with Pepe and Kris at the helm since 2011.

Their music, a fusion of genres like Groove and Melodic Death Metal, reflects their ethos of defying musical labels. Managed by Distrokid, TOOTH's journey has been a whirlwind of creativity and passion. Their debut LP, "The Darkest Path," marks their foray into a blend of real-life narratives and fictional tales, under Pepe's compositional lead and the band's collective energy.

TOOTH's live performances are a spectacle of energy and fluorescent light play, a testament to their commitment to immersive experiences. With a simple yet heartfelt pre-show ritual of a group hug, they channel their camaraderie into their shows. Their promotional strategies harness the power of social media, with a special knack for memes, as they navigate the complexities of rising fame.

For emerging artists, TOOTH's message is one of perseverance and dream-chasing. As they continue to make their mark, with several upcoming concerts and Pepe's participation in major festivals, TOOTH invites fans and newcomers alike to experience their unique sound, available on Spotify and YouTube Music. They remain open to photography opportunities, reachable via their official email, as they gear up for their future endeavors, including a darker-toned second album.


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