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Unleashing the Fury: Tooth, Unlabeled Society's Rise in the Metal Universe

Tooth Unlabeled Society Band

Located in the heart of Seville, Spain, Tooth, Unlabeled Society emerges as a beacon of progressive metal, fusing elements of groove metal, metalcore, and melodic death metal into a sound that transcends conventional boundaries. Founded by the visionary José Arincón (Pepe) in 2008, the band initially served as a musical outlet with no live performance ambitions. However, the addition of Kris Mayo on vocals in 2011 marked the beginning of a new era, culminating in a definitive lineup in 2020 with Nacho Sánchez on bass and Samuel Vázquez on drums, ready to leave the rehearsal room behind and embrace the stage.

Each member of Tooth, Unlabeled Society brings a unique set of skills and passion to the table. Pepe, the multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, crafts the band's sound with a meticulous eye, also lending his talents to the visual aspects of their work. Kris Mayo, with her impressive vocal range, navigates effortlessly between sweet melodies and powerful screams, embodying the band's dynamic spirit. Nacho Sánchez, the steadfast bassist, anchors the complex rhythms and transitions, while Samuel Vázquez, a prodigious drummer, showcases maturity and technique beyond his years.

The band's journey from a side project to a rising name in the metal scene is a testament to their evolution and dedication. With the release of their first LP, "The Darkest Path," and plans for a "darker" second album already underway, Tooth, Unlabeled Society is set to carve a niche in the metal genre, unhindered by stylistic labels or limitations. Their music, a blend of influences from giants like Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Meshuggah, speaks to a wide array of listeners, from metal enthusiasts to those craving a touch of progressive complexity in their playlists.

Lyrically, the band navigates through a mix of everyday stories, fictional tales, and historical narratives, ensuring a rich and varied thematic experience for their audience. Their live performances are a spectacle of energy and creativity, marked by Kris's use of fluorescent lights, making each show a memorable experience. The band's preparation for live shows, simple yet profound, includes a group hug, symbolizing their unity and shared vision.

In an age where social media plays a pivotal role in music promotion, Tooth, Unlabeled Society leverages platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Music, and Spotify to connect with fans. Pepe's penchant for creating engaging memes and promotional videos adds a personal touch to their digital presence, inviting fans into their world.

For emerging artists, the band offers a piece of sage advice: never give up on your dreams. As Tooth, Unlabeled Society continues to navigate the music industry, their journey serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to make their mark.

With a blend of raw talent, innovative sound, and a genuine connection with their audience, Tooth, Unlabeled Society stands out as not just another band, but a force to be reckoned with on the metal scene. Check out their website at

Rock on Seville and keep killing it!



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