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Unveiling 'Babylon': The Evolution and Impact of Lynch Mob's Latest Studio Album

In 2023, Frontiers Music Srl proudly unveiled "Babylon," the latest studio album from Lynch Mob. This high-energy, guitar-driven band is renowned for its unique blend of hard rock, classic rock, blues, and metal, all tinged with an improvisational spirit. The album showcases the artistry of guitarist and founding member George Lynch, who is also celebrated for his contributions to The End Machine, The Banishment, and his earlier work with Dokken.

Joining Lynch are vocalist Gabriel Colón, bassist Jaron Gulino—known for his roles in Tantric and Heavens Edge—and drummer Jimmy Danda, formerly with Bulletboys. This talented ensemble adds a fresh yet cohesive dynamic to "Babylon," offering an aural experience that will captivate both newcomers and long-standing fans of the band.

Lynch Mob, an American hard rock outfit, was founded in 1989 by George Lynch following his departure from Dokken. The band has undergone numerous lineup changes but has consistently been anchored by Lynch's virtuosic guitar skills. They gained fame with their debut album "Wicked Sensation," which set the stage for their sustained presence in the hard rock and metal scenes. Over the years, they've released a string of studio albums, live recordings, and compilations, cementing their status in the music community.

Though the band has seen several lineup shifts, their musical ethos has remained largely unchanged, earning them a dedicated following and a lasting influence within the hard rock and metal genres. Importantly, George Lynch announced in 2020 that, due to the racial implications associated with the term "Lynch Mob," he would cease to use the name for his band and proceed under different project names in the future.


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