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Unveiling the Soul of Industrial Metal: An In-Depth Interview with Corey James of Carbonstone

East Coast Music Review recently sat down with Corey James, the dynamic lead singer of Carbonstone, a band making significant waves in the industrial alternative metal scene. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Carbonstone is known for its electrifying blend of electronic elements and melodic nu-metal, drawing inspiration from genre giants like Korn, Linkin Park, Static-X, and Nine Inch Nails.

Corey James, the only original founding member, spoke about the band's evolution, especially during a seven-year hiatus before their latest release, 'Dark Matter.' This album marks a notable shift in their sound, reflecting deeper explorations into the realms of modern electronica merged with raw energy. Their new single, "Damaged Like You," is already creating a buzz, showcasing this innovative direction.

The band's journey is one of resilience and reinvention. Corey shared his experiences during the hiatus, how personal challenges and his wife's continuous involvement in music reignited his passion, leading to Carbonstone's resurgence around 2019. He also detailed how the band's sound has evolved, now fully embracing the industrial and electronic style he always envisioned, thanks to advancements in music technology.

Corey's passion for music is palpable, especially when he talks about the creative process. He described how ideas often come to him in moments of solitude or even in dreams, leading to tracks like "Trauma." He emphasized the collaborative nature of songwriting and production within the band, with each member bringing their unique input to the table.

The interview wasn't without its lighter moments. Corey recounted a humorous, albeit slightly wild, incident involving a roadie during one of their shows at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. It's anecdotes like these that reveal the often unpredictable and exciting nature of life in a band.

On a more serious note, Corey talked about the message Carbonstone aims to convey through their music. It's about connecting with their fans, sharing experiences of struggle and healing, and reminding everyone that they're not alone in their battles. He also touched upon the misconceptions people have about the lives of artists, highlighting the challenges and realities behind the scenes.

Carbonstone has a brand new single "White Noise" due out February 17, you can pre-save it HERE:

Carbonstone's dedication to their fans is evident in their active social media presence, especially on Facebook where they engage with their community through the "Carbonstone Traumatics" group. This close interaction fosters a deeper connection beyond just the music.

For aspiring artists, Carbonstone's story is a beacon of inspiration, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and perseverance in the music industry. With 'Dark Matter,' the band has not just released an album but created an immersive experience that speaks to the soul, promising a bright future in the industrial alternative metal landscape.

Fans can connect with Carbonstone on Facebook at Carbonstone Music and support their journey by visiting their merch store at Carbonstone Merch Store.

Keep rocking and supporting local music everywhere you can, it's a language everyone can understand.


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