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Wither the Fallacy: Trailblazers of a New Metalcore Era

Hailing from Rockingham, North Carolina, Wither the Fallacy is shaking up the deathcore/metalcore scene with their unique blend of EDM and Trap influences. The group comprises Jason Johnson (lead vocalist and electronic music wizard), Brandon Rankin (guitarist and audio maestro), Zach Russell (drummer and social media strategist), and Josh Spivey (bassist and backing vocalist). Their journey from a solo project to a dynamic band has led to the creation of their distinct "heavy as hell with Trap vibes" sound.

Their debut EP, "A Plague of Hatred," marks a departure from their past work, introducing a heavier and more electronic-infused style. Drawing inspiration from bands like Alpha Wolf and Within Destruction, Wither the Fallacy focuses on delivering high-energy performances and heavy riffs, fostering a lively atmosphere at their shows.

Community and humility are at the forefront of the band's ethos. They emphasize the importance of local music support and the power of positive conduct, resonating with a growing fan base on social media.

As for their live performances, Wither the Fallacy is known for their electrifying energy and commitment to their craft. They prepare meticulously with stretches and warm-ups, ensuring peak performance every time.

Their advice to emerging artists is to remain humble, accept feedback, and practice consistently. They cherish the freedom and recognition that come with their success but are mindful of the business's logistical challenges.

Excitingly, Wither the Fallacy has several shows lined up for the first half of 2024, including:

  • January 20th: Jimfest at Hooligans Live, Jacksonville, NC

  • February 17th: Ground Zero, Spartanburg, SC

  • March 16th: The Purple Buffalo, Charleston, SC

  • May 4th : Total Death Fest at Ground Zero, Spartanburg, SC

Wither the Fallacy is not just a band; they are a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore world, offering a fresh and heavy sound that promises to captivate and energize. Keep an eye on them as they continue to redefine the genre and bring their unique sound to stages across the country.


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