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Electrifying the Scene: The Electric Aces Blaze a Trail in Rock N' Roll with Passion and Power

(Photography: Mike Drummer)

Introducing, The Electric Aces, a full-tilt rock n' roll band hailing from the vibrant music scene of New England, have quickly captured the hearts of rock enthusiasts. Formed just over a year ago, the band comprises the dynamic Lizzie Leis on vocals, Chris Seremetis wielding guitars, the rhythmic prowess of Nick Irvin on drums, and Jeff Instasi's deep bass grooves. Their sound, a perfect amalgamation of 1989 LA's sleazy rock excess and the raw energy of NYC punk, is a refreshing take in today's music landscape.

Each member brings a distinct flavor to the band. Lizzie Leis, known for her powerful and commanding vocal presence, is a newcomer to original music but has quickly proven to be a force on stage. Her lyrics resonate with audiences, offering a personal touch to each song. Chris Seremetis, the band's creative soul, writes the music and infuses each performance with his high-energy guitar play, channeling the swagger and ferocity that defines rock n' roll.

Nick Irvin, the band's drummer, is the powerhouse behind their dynamic sound. His unyielding energy and creative drumming style provide a solid foundation for each track. Meanwhile, Jeff Instasi's experience and skill as a bassist add depth and rhythm to the band's music.

The Electric Aces' journey began with a Craigslist ad and a shared vision between Chris and Lizzie. Their first EP, "Powertrip," was a testament to their rapid development and cohesive sound, showcasing their ability to write and perform with passion and precision. The band has since become a staple in local venues, sharing stages with notable local bands and drawing crowds with their high-octane performances.

Their latest EP, "Full Throttle," released in December, is a collection of three songs that have been a hit in their live shows. It's a showcase of the band's evolution and their ability to blend different musical styles seamlessly. The Electric Aces are currently in the studio, working on new material, promising to bring more of their signature sound to their growing fan base.

What sets The Electric Aces apart is their commitment to the essence of rock n' roll - a celebration of life, freedom, and the joy of music. Their live shows are not just concerts; they are events where every strum, beat, and note is a call to the primal joy of rock music. With upcoming shows and new projects on the horizon, The Electric Aces are a band to watch out for, promising to keep the spirit of rock n' roll alive and kicking.

Follow their journey and discover more about The Electric Aces on Spotify, and prepare to be swept away by their energetic and unforgettable live performances.


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