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Shovelhead A.D.: Unleashing a New Wave of Metal MUSIC

Shovelhead A.D.

In the realm of heavy music, a new force is rising, blending thrash and groove metal with a hint of progressive elements. Meet Shovelhead A.D., a band that’s quickly carving a niche for itself in the metal scene. Formed just under two years ago, Shovelhead A.D. is on a demolition mission to bring their unique brand of metal to the world.

The band's journey began when Shelby Brown and Chuck Weatherman crossed paths through an online Metal Facebook group in 2022. Sharing similar musical tastes and goals, they quickly started jamming together, laying the foundation for what would become their debut album, "New South Hill."

Shovelhead A.D. comprises Shelby Brown on drums, Chuck Weatherman on guitar and vocals, and Matt Terry on bass. Shelby is a rhythmic powerhouse, driving the band’s sound with unconventional and boundary-pushing drumming techniques. Chuck is the riff master, bringing power, musicality, and aggression to the mix, complemented by his raw vocal energy. Matt adds depth and melody to the band’s sound, creating a visceral impact with his thundering bass.

Their music is an explosive combination of thrash metal, groove metal, and progressive elements. Influenced by heavyweights like Metallica, Pantera, and Living Sacrifice, their music stands for uncompromising beliefs and raw power. Each band member's passion for music was ignited by these musical heroes, driving them to master their respective instruments.

The overarching message of Shovelhead A.D. is about standing firm in their beliefs with the grace of God. Their songs vary in themes, but the consistent thread is the band's unwavering commitment to their core values.

Songwriting for Shovelhead A.D. is a collaborative effort, allowing each member to contribute their unique flair to the music. This collaborative spirit is evident in the dynamic and multifaceted nature of their songs.

Known for their high-energy and intense live shows, Shovelhead A.D. offers a thrilling experience for both the band and the audience. Fans can catch them at upcoming gigs in Fredericksburg, Martinsburg, and Richmond.

Shovelhead A.D. actively engages with their fanbase through their website and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Their marketing strategy includes a mix of online presence and word-of-mouth promotion. The band’s message to emerging artists is simple yet powerful: believe in yourself and never give up. This ethos has been a driving force behind their rapid rise in the metal scene.

For Shovelhead A.D., the best parts of being in a band are the joy of playing music, meeting new people, and exploring new places. Their journey so far has been devoid of downsides, as they continue to revel in the thrills of their musical adventure.

Shovelhead A.D. is not just a band; it's a movement. With their debut album "New South Hill," they have set the stage for a thrilling journey in the world of metal. Stay tuned as they continue to bring their brand of metal to stages and speakers worldwide.

Keep rocking and stay tuned for more thunderous beats and electrifying riffs as Shovelhead A.D. continues to redefine the metal landscape! 🤘


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